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Dental materials

  • Synthesis of novel dental monomers with improved properties such as hydrolytic stability, ability to form bonds with the tooth material and high rate of copolymerization with dental monomers
Bone targeting polymers

  • Synthesis of new bisphosphonic acid containing monomers and polymers with strong affinity to HAP
Monomeric & polymeric photoinitiators

  • Synthesis of new monomeric and polymeric photoinitiators with side-chain photoinitiating groups and investigation of their activity for UV curable coatings
Hydrogels for mineralization

  • Synthesis of new hydrogels containing anionic groups such as carboxylic, phosphonic and bisphosphonic acid groups with improved rates of mineralization to be used as scaffolds
Water soluble monomers & polymers

  • Synthesis of water soluble monomers with cationic or zwitterionic structures and investigation of their aqueous solution properties

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